PAS 2019

Do infants exhale through their CPAP system?

PAS 2019

Comparison of bubble CPAP systems intended for neonatal use in low-income countries: Consequences on performance when deviating from the original design

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Neonatal resuscitation with T-piece and the risk of inadvertent PEEP : Effects of device expiratory resistance investigated by simulations

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Return of neonatal CPAP resistance: The Medijet device family examined using in-vitro flow simulations

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A randomised feasibility trial and in-vitro performance of a new system for respiratory support during initial stabilisation of preterm infants

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Effect of NCPAP Prong Size on Flow Resistance Bridging the Gap Between Static and Dynamic Simulations

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Seven ventilators delivering nasal CPAP challenged with leakage: An experimental pilot study

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Comparison of Nasal CPAP Delivered by Seven Ventilators Using Simulated Neonatal Breathing