We are working with several research groups and projects in low and middle income countries. Picture from WHO Born too soon.


We have tested more than 20 CPAP systems and ventilators in our flow simulation lab.

ToNIL trial

This clinical trial investigated leakage between infants and interfaces during CPAP

CORSAD trial

Our randomised trial compared rPAP and T-piece in extremely preterm infants. There was a reduction in DR intubations and results published 2021.


We invented and developed a new system for neonatal resuscitation. This is the first new resuscitation system in decades.

New CPAP systems

We are currently working with the next generation of CPAP and has tested prototypes from both the industry and academic groups.

Measuring Leakage and breathing

We have been working on techniques for measuring leakage and breathing. Flow through CPAP measurement were used in the ToNIL trial.

Nebulisation of Surfactant

We have worked with in-vitro nebulisation of drugs using Tc99m and filters combined with airway models.

Computational Fluid Dynamics

The Infant Flow is still the most pressure stable CPAP system. Together with KTH we have investigated how it works using CFD.

Inadvertent PEEP

Together with our Australian colleagues and KTH Stockholm we have looked at neonatal exhalation.

The FUIRST trial

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Reviewing RFM data

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